Mr Sean Woodcock

Contact Details: 0191 259 6660 ext 4649 (Mrs Eve Purvis, Secretary)

Hospitals where he runs clinics: North Tyneside

Hospitals where he operates: North Tyneside

Qualification: MBBS MS FRCS

Areas of interest: Laparoscopic management of inguinal, femoral, ventral and incisional herniae. Benign oesophagogastric surgery includinding laparoscopic fundoplication and giant hiatal hernias. Benign biliary work including laparoscopic cholecystectomies and bile duct explorations. Super specialisation in bariatric surgery (surgery for morbid obesity) including laparoscopic placement of gastric bands and gastric bypasses.

Background Information: Undergraduate St Bartholomews hospital in London, Research at Harvard university, the Brigham and Womens hospital USA, Registrar mainly in around Manchester and clinical fellow at the Flinders Medical centre Adelaide South Australia.

Research Interests: Intestinal ischaemia reperfusion injuries Bariatric surgery.